The World’s Only Old World Wine Club – With Complimentary Bottle Inside

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Do you know what’s in that wine bottle sitting on your kitchen counter?

It’s a mass market wine industry secret just how similar the process of winemaking has become to manufacturing at a soda pop plant… or worse, an oil refinery.

…try “oak” flavoring… “Mega Purple” dye… TONs of sugar (added because mass market winemakers often pick their grapes before they mature then cleverly hide it using acids)…

… and that’s not counting all the chemicals left over from vineyards that look more like oil refineries than the great Chateau of old… (for example, a study in California found herbicide in every single bottle tested!)

But better wines do exist…(plus, ordering through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit – thank you!)

…like the rare wine this explorer recently came across… made from handpicked grapes fed with natural snowmelt water that trickles down from mountain peaks 10,000 feet high…

5,000 miles away… lies a little valley, surrounded by miles of desert on one side and the jagged peaks of the Andes mountains on the other…

A “hidden wine valley” known as the Calchaquí…

Here, you don’t see an army of robots spraying lord-knows-what on the crops, as you often will in other regions.

It’s almost like stepping through a time machine back to the early 1900s…

Where winemakers to employ old world techniques and scoff at the notion of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers

The high altitude, intense sun, climate, and rocky soil combine to make an environment uniquely suited to winemaking

That’s why Calchaquí wine is almost impossible to find here in America… you can’t even get it at the finest restaurant in Manhattan.

Entire vintages sell out in 24 hours to private lists of well-connected buyers.

A single bottle – if you have to buy it retail – can go for over $500…

When I popped my first bottle of this bold (almost black) wine… I understood why.

I first got a hint of smoke…

…then came the blackberry, the herbs, the leather… a hint of charred earth drifting across my palate… and an incredible, rugged mouthfeel.

It’s a wine unlike any you’ve ever tasted (even if you’ve had Argentine malbec before).

Plus, no “oak” extracts or dyes. No excess sugar. And up to 10 times more naturally occurring resveratrol than other red wines.

Up until now, you’d have to travel thousands of miles (and a 5 hour drive on treacherous dirt roads) just to get your hands on a single bottle.

Heck, I nearly died trying to find some of these remote vineyards… The wine is that special!

Want to give them a try?

I’ve arranged special Labor Day pricing for Gateway Pundit readers to be among the first Americans to reserve this rare supply of high altitude wine…

If you order today, you’ll not only get a huge discount & complimentary shipping…

You’ll also get a bonus bottle of small-batch, limited production wine from our exclusive cellar.

That’s 4 bottles for the price of 3!

These wines are small batch and will sell out fast, so we do ask that you act today if you are interested.


Will Bonner

P.S. You may think that these wines must be $100+ a bottle. Not by a long shot. Click here…

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