Terez Opens First Physical Store in NYC With Joy-Inspired Space

Terez Opens First Physical Store in NYC With Joy-Inspired Space

Women and children’s fashion brand Terez made its brick-and-mortar debut on Sept. 16, 2022 with its first physical store, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The design of the colorful 1,600-square-foot shop was inspired by the brand’s mission of generating joy, positivity and high energy.

Inside the space, a black-and-white checkerboard floor and hot pink accent walls set the stage for a fun atmosphere, but these elements don’t detract from the “kaleidoscope” of leggings that are complemented by a unique ceiling installation featuring colorful glass balloons. The intention behind the Terez design scheme is to inspire creativity through details, such as a back wall featuring nostalgic candy and a customization station where customers can personalize items.

To develop the brick-and-mortar concept, Terez CEO and Founder Zara Terez Tisch worked with Jonathan Lam, an in-house designer with retail platform Leap. The decision to open the first physical Terez retail space on Lexington Avenue aligns with the company’s pride of being headquartered in NYC, which the brand says inspires its “bold” and “strong” spirit. 

As Terez celebrates its store opening by spreading its message of generating joy and positivity, the retailer will distribute 50 “Kindness Coins” to people who perform random acts of kindness. Recipients of the coins will be invited into the store for a complimentary gift. 

“We’re excited to open Terez’s flagship in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood and bring our brand to life,” said Tisch in a statement. “When choosing a location, I felt it was important to choose a neighborhood where our customer base actually lives and shops, along with the fact that the brand was born in NYC. The ultimate goal with our flagship is to create a home base for our brand, exude vibrant positivity and become an integral part of the community.”