NorthLadder Aims to Reduce E-Waste by Improving Electronics Resale Journey

NorthLadder, a Middle Eastern marketplace for pre-owned electronics, has partnered with insights-led customer engagement platform MoEngage to create remarketing strategies and gamify the customer experience. The retailer is aiming to double its traffic by creating a customer journey that lets customers identify their device and offer an instant “best price.”

NorthLadder enables customers to sell old electronic devices that would otherwise become e-waste in landfills. The platform includes free pickup and a certified data wipe service for any devices, and the retailer has partnered with more than 600 retail stores where customers can sell their items.

“An average household in Dubai contains more than AED 5,000 worth of old devices not being used,” said Lalit Ratnala, Director, Digital and Growth at NorthLadder in a statement. “These devices collect dust and contribute to the growing amount of e-waste on our planet. So to make our customers aware, we ensured that our messaging remained crisp and clear, educating our customers with weekly fact-based emails about e-waste and why storing a device can be harmful. Our aim with MoEngage is to continue sending these messages in interactive and innovative ways and utilize different channels like push notifications.”