$33 Trillion in Sovereign Wealth Funds


The consulting firm Global SWF tracks all the important info about Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) and Public Pension Funds (PPFs). Its an amazing collection of charts and data.

The asset value peak was $33.6 trillion (USD) in 2021; that’s down only slightly to $31.4 trillion as of the end of 2022.

Given the rough year markets had in 2022, including all of the held asset classes, it is an impressive, albeit curious showing. Guess they were hedged or holding physical assets like timber or oil or gold in large enough quantities to offer the market declines shown below:

Alternatively, the actual reported values could be fabricated nonsense, which if reported accurately might cause some consternation or require a tax increase.

Regardless, the league table via this database showing all the SWFs and PPFs is breathtaking in the size of the asset pools collectively:


The annual report (PDF) is chock full of fun data. The group also names 2022’s Best of, including Fund, Asset Class, Region, and Industry of the Year (all found here).

It’s a global data geek’s paradise . . .



2023 Annual Report SOIs in a Multipolar World
SWF, January 1 2023



A run of charts I want to store here in case i go looking for them months from now but cannot remember where I left them…





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